1 John 4 Bible Study Guide

1 John 4 Bible Study Guide


1-2: Believers should not blindly accept everything someone says or does. Jesus was himself God in the flesh, contrary to what some at the time were teaching, that Jesus only appeared to be human.

3: Believing Jesus existed, or was a good person, or was a good moral teacher, etc., is not the same as trusting in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

4-6: The world rejects that Jesus is who he said he was, but the Spirit of God is more powerful than demonic influences over the world.

Question: Many people believe in some sort of supernatural being, and many even believe to some degree that Jesus existed and was a good teacher. However, the Bible (and Jesus) is clear that faith in Jesus and his work on the cross is the only way for anyone to be saved. What do you think causes this disconnect? If you are a Christian, when did it “click” for you?


7-8: Someone may think they know a lot about God or the Bible, but void of love, they show that they really don’t know God. Anyone who does not love does not know God.

9-12: God showed us what true love is by sending Jesus, who not only forgave us for our sins, but gave us a relationship with God. We love because God first loved us. Therefore, if we love on another, God abides in us.

Question: You don’t have to be a Christian in order to love people well. However, to be a “Christian” and not love people well is an oxymoron. Why do you think John presents love as the most important part of the Christian life? How can you grow in this area?


13-15: Followers of Christ are given God’s Holy Spirit to guide them in their lives. God abides in believers through his Spirit.

17-18: Believers can have confidence at the day of judgment because they know God loves them and has forgiven them. They know they will not face the punishment they deserve.

19-21: We cannot love God and not love his people. And how can we say we love God whom we have not seen when we don’t love the people that we do see?

Question: Believers do not have to fear God’s condemnation because we have already been forgiven. In the same light, God is also in control over what happens in our lives. That being said, what fears do have about your future (career, marriage, where to live, etc.)? How often do you bring those fears before the Lord?


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