New City Church launched in April of this year and while we are still in the very early stages as a church, there have been many things I have already learned and observed already. Some of which I wish people knew, which is why I am sharing them!

1) People make a much bigger difference than they think

Whether it’s volunteering on a Sunday or serving in any capacity Sunday or otherwise, giving financially, or even changing around their schedule so they can make it to things, it matters. It may not feel like you are doing much, but you are. The church is the body of believers, and when people make their local church a priority, friendships are made, momentum is built, and ultimately more people have the opportunity to meet Jesus.

One of the things we say at New City is that God doesn’t use great people, he uses available people to do great things. We have already seen new people get plugged in and people meet Jesus at New City. Eternal impact has already been made because ordinary people are making a bigger difference than they think.

2) When mission is more important than the method, great things can happen

We are a brand new church, so we don’t have a lot of the “this is the way we have always done things” debates yet. But even still, it’s been so encouraging to see a bunch of people more interested in creating a church and environment where people can meet Jesus, than arguing about their own personal preferences and how they think things should be done.

This means that certain things will happen that you and I may not personally love or enjoy, or it may require the ability to be flexible and adapt, but when the mission is more important than the method of how you do things, it makes it a lot easier to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Plus, if your church is doing things or trying things that aren’t your preference, it means that they (and you) are reaching people who are different than you, and the Gospel encourages us to do just that. So in essence, you’re not liking it should cause you to like it to some degree!

3) I love hearing people say “my church” and “we” when talking about New City Church

New City Church, and all churches, are made of people. It isn’t the pastor’s church, or a few select leaders’ church, or those who give the most money. If you are a part a local body, if you give or serve or play a part in a local church, it is your church.

I love hearing people who have only been a part of New City for a few weeks already say “we,” because they should! It is your faithfulness, not your talent level or the amount of money you give, that includes you in the family of God. Which means it’s the same for your local church.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a part, how gifted you are, or how much money you make. You have a role to play and the ability to impact the lives of others. Because of that, if New City is your church, then it is your church.

I am so thankful to everyone who made it possible to plant New City, and for all for everyone who has since made it their home. I can’t wait to see what happens through the faithfulness of ordinary people, making themselves available for God to do great things.

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