5 Random Facts About Me

unnamed1. I really like cats

This isn’t a surprise to anyone who knows me, but I’m definitely a cat person. Probably because we had a really cool cat growing up, but I love cats. Now a lot of people like to argue that dogs are better and cats are awful. But last I checked, the internet was invented for cat videos, so clearly cats are better.

2. I love Jersey Mike’s

Here’s the thing, I’m one of those people who eats to live. My wife says I like to eat boring things. I honestly very rarely have cravings for any type of food. However, I’m a huge fan of Jersey Mike’s. I could eat their roast beef (#6!) everyday and probably never get tired of it.

3. I hate for my sternum to be touched

We all have these random things that we really can’t stand. I have no idea why, but I cannot stand to be touched in the sternum, I can’t even touch my own sternum without freaking out.

The funny thing is, once people find this out, they often then try to touch my sternum. This has never made sense to me. What if you told me that you don’t like being punched in the face, so I then proceed to punch you in the face? It’s not funny.

So please, for both our sake’s, now that the secret is out please do not attempt to touch my sternum. I cannot be held responsible for any involuntary actions that may follow :).

4. I read a lot

I really enjoy learning. I read pretty much every type of medium: books, blogs, articles, you name it. I also make a point to keep up with the news (don’t worry, I check both conservative and liberal media outlets!) because I think it is important to know what is going on in the world, even if the news is often negative.

5. I’m a huge fan of Dad jokes

I think they are hilarious. Punny jokes are the best jokes. Now that I am actually a Dad, Finley better get ready because I have been doing my homework to increase my arsenal.

So those are some random facts about me. Now that you know them, I thought I would leave you with some action steps:

  • You are welcome to bring me lunch for Jersey Mike’s any day you wish.
  • You are welcome to surprise me with Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift cards.
  • You are welcome to bring me kittens to play with.
  • You are welcome to tell me your best Dad jokes.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever touch my sternum :).

Bonus Fact: I have one of the cutest daughters alive



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4 thoughts on “5 Random Facts About Me

  1. Thank you for sharing! And yes, your daughter is adorable! Blessings to you and yours in Jesus Name.

    P.S., We just followed you on Twitter too. @3_foldcord