7 Reasons to Spend Time With Jesus in the Morning


I have never been a morning person. People who get up early in the morning for hobbies like surfing or hunting make no rational sense to me. I managed to avoid taking 8 AM classes in college and consider that to be one of the best decisions I made during my entire college career. I also don’t like coffee so it’s completely up to myself to function properly in the morning.

Clearly I do not enjoy getting up early.

Growing up I would always hear people say that spending time with Jesus in the morning is more beneficial than any other time of the day. But that meant getting up earlier, and when I had to leave for school by 7:15 in the morning, that was not going to happen with any amount of consistency. It wasn’t until my latter years in college that I began to prioritize spending time reading my Bible and in prayer in the morning. Regardless of how often I pray throughout the day or do other disciplines to grow my relationship with the Lord, consistent time in the morning is the time I would most recommend for those making time for consistent time with Jesus each week.

Here are 7 reasons I would recommend spending time with Jesus in the morning:

1. My mind is least distracted in the morning. I’m not in the middle of working on something, I’m not thinking about some conversation I had earlier in the day, there is simply less going on in my mind in the morning.

2. I start my day off with the most important thing: God. I don’t sleep with my phone near me because I don’t want the first thing I do everyday to be checking social media. There is certainly nothing inherently wrong with this, but doing this first thing for me personally gets me distracted from the moment I wake up. I much prefer the habit of beginning my day off in the Word.

3. I’m usually the most calm in the morning. Nothing has happened to affect me emotionally or mentally. I’m not tired from the day nor usually upset about anything.

4. I’m much more likely to spend time reading the Bible and praying that day if my goal is to do it in the morning. If something changes with my schedule and I don’t make time for the Lord in the morning, I am much more likely to make a point to do it some point later in the day (even if it is for a smaller amount of time). This didn’t happen when I tried making time to do this at night.

5. It puts me in a much better place to face the day. Typically I am encouraged in any number of ways from something I have read. It also helps me remember each day what is most important in life, Jesus- not the circumstances of life.

6. My wife does it. She pursues God with as much desire and discipline as anyone I know. It’s usually wise to try and emulate certain disciplines from people you respect!

7. Your actions reveal what’s truly in your heart. If I claim that Jesus is the most important thing in my life, I want my daily life to reflect that claim by making time with Him a priority.


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