Thanks for checking out the site! My name is Dylan Dodson, and this is my personal blog. A lot of what I write on this site has to do with Jesus in some way. My goal is to help you bridge the gap between faith and everyday life. But no matter what your views about God are, I hope you find this blog beneficial.


I married my beautiful wife Christina in May of 2011. I love sports and am a huge Duke basketball fan. I enjoy reading, writing, sports, playing music, and being with people. I also like cats and I hate speed bumps.

I published my book True Pain, True Grief, and a True Godin May 2011 which detailed my experiences in going through and dealing with losing my father to a suicide in 2009. This is a driving force for me to share Jesus in broken and hurting world. I look forward to see my father again in heaven due to his faith in Christ.

In February 2012, my wife and I helped plant a Church in Wilmington, North Carolina, where I was an intern for two years. I learned much at during my time there, and was very blessed by the opportunity to learn and grow.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina – Wilmington in May of 2012 with a B.A. in Religious Studies, and from Liberty University with a M.A. in Religion in December of 2013. We welcomed our first baby girl (Finley) into the world in April of 2015. We also have a cat named Phoebe.

I serve as the lead pastor of New City Church, which launched in April of 2017. I also host the Faith and Life Podcast.


New City Church is a new church in Raleigh that launched in April of 2017. We meet on Sundays at 10 am at 8015 Creedmoor Road in Raleigh. Have questions, want to get connected, or interested in checking us out? You can check out our website for more info.

You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The Faith and Life Podcast is all about helping you connect your faith to everyday. In this weekly podcast, I interview people in different jobs, careers, and seasons of life, and see how their faith impacts what they do. The podcast releases every Wednesday morning.


When you sign up for updates for my blog, I’ll send you a free (short) ebook Can God Really Use Me: Simple Answers to Four Difficult Questions.


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I welcome and encourage comments on all of my posts. But without a few rules, conversations can get out of hand and discourage others from joining in. So below is my comment policy. By posting on my blog, you agree to the following:

1) You may comment without registering. You can log-in through Disqus (my commenting system), Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, OpenID, or not at all. It is your choice.

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3) I reserve the right to delete your comments. This is my blog and I am under no obligation to publish your comments. Anonymous comments are very likely to be deleted, especially when you criticize or attack me or anyone else. Plus, if you really believe in what you are saying, your name should be on it. Comments will also be deleted if, in my opinion, a comment is:

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My goal is to encourage interesting conversations with others in a respectful manner. A simple comment policy I think will best facilitate this for all of us.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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