Can God Really Use Me?

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God has given you everything you need to reach the people God has called you to reach. (Craig Groeschel)

Very inspiring. At least that’s how that quote sounds. God has given you everything you need to make a difference in the lives of every single person he has called you to impact.

But here’s the problem, you don’t really believe that, do you? That right now, this very second, you can close your computer or put your phone back in your pocket, and change the world. Maybe not change the world in the sense that the whole world will literally shift because of you, but at least change the world of someone around you. That because of you, they not only change, but also change for the better.

Let’s be honest, you’ve got enough issues of your own. Surely you need to get yourself together a little bit more before you can help someone else. Right? Not to mention the possibility of God himself actually using you.

That’s funny right.


God using you.

God using you to change the world.

It’s getting more and more unrealistic each time you think about it. God using me. Before you get tired of reading that let’s do a quick Bible quiz (sorry, no gold star if you the right answer).

In the entire Bible, how many people do you think God used because of their faithfulness or goodness or because they were really gifted?

Now I don’t know what you’re guess is, but I’m fairly confident you’re wrong. You’re thinking too high. Here’s the answer:

Maybe one.

As far as we can tell, God only used one person because he was an all around good dude. His name was Noah from Noah from the story of Noah’s Ark. Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord and was a righteous man. Although if you read the whole story even he made some questionable decisions.

Here’s the thing, most of the time when God moves, he does it through ordinary people. Sure we look back on the things that Abraham, Moses, or king David did and they did some pretty impressive things. Yet at the same time when you read their stories, you find times of cowardice, dishonesty, even murder.

Jesus’ disciples were no different. They were all average guys with average lives. In fact, some were the worst of the worst.

One of his disciples, Matthew, was a tax collector. Which in that time meant that he stole from his own Jewish people to give money to the government so that they could oppress and rule over his family and those he grew up with. Why would God use him? It certainly was not because he deserved it.

Then there is the apostle Paul who killed Christians before he became one. He only went on to write two-thirds of the New Testament.

God used all of them.

Why? Because God uses ordinary people to accomplish his mission. He doesn’t have to, and he certainly doesn’t need to. But he does.

But why would God use you?

Check back tomorrow to find the answer to that question. This is part one of a four part series looking at the question of whether or not God can use you. I’ll be posting one part a day everyday this week. Or if is more convenient for you, you can go ahead download the whole series in a PDF here.


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