This week Christina and I are in northern Ohio at our church planter assessment with Stadia, the church planting network we are working with.

All planters planting through Stadia go through this assessment, and they hold a few of them throughout the year. So we will be joined by many others as well!

It’s a really busy week with things going on all day and all evening. We’ve also been told it’s a pretty tiring week. However our six month old daughter Finley will not be with us, and considering she still isn’t much a fan of sleeping, there’s a good chance we will be more rested than we have been for a while!

Out of the assessment, we will have a greater sense of what it will take to move forward with the church plant.

I will be sharing some exciting stuff regarding the church plant in the coming weeks. If you would like to stay informed, be sure to subscribe by clicking here.

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