Ephesians 2 


1-3: Dead in your trespasses and sins. Everyone is spiritually dead, which follows a major theme throughout Ephesians 1 that God works to save us, dead people cannot give life to themselves.

4-7: But God. It is God himself, being rich in mercy, who made us alive together with Christ. It is by God’s grace that we have been saved.

Question: All throughout the New Testament, and clearly in this passage, we see that it is by God’s grace through Christ that saves us. Knowing this, why do we so often struggle with thinking/acting that we must do enough good to earn our salvation? What causes this?


8-9: We are saved by God’s grace, which means believers have no right to boast as if they are more righteous than anybody else.

10: Though we are saved by grace, God has still created for good works. How we live our lives should reflect where our faith and trust is put (that is Jesus).

Question: Can you point to anything in your life (habits, things you used to do or say, etc.) that have changed as you became a believer who have changed as you have matured in your faith? What are some desires/things you used to do that you no longer do (or do differently)?


11: To be the “uncircumcision” was a derogatory term the Jews used to describe Gentiles (non-Jews).

12-13: It is because of Christ, not their good works, that grants them salvation. The blood of Jesus has the power to save anyone, regardless of ethnicity, history, background, etc.

14-16: Christ is our peace and has broken down the wall of hostility. That is that there is no distinction between Jew/Gentile. No longer are Jews and Gentiles under the “law” (the Mosaic law of the Old Testament), but are now under Christ.

18-22: We are welcomed into the family of God all because of what Jesus has done. Christ has given us access to God so that we are no longer strangers and aliens, but are fellow citizens…of the household of God.

Question: Ephesians 2 gives us a glimpse at the greatness of Christ. How do these deep theological truths affect your practical, every day lives? What has this chapter shown you about God’s character?

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