Galatians 1 Bible Study Guide

Galatians 1

Written by Paul, likely around 48/49 A.D. Written to the church in Galatia.


1-2: Paul begins this letter speaking to his authority as an apostle, as he is going to push back against false teachers in this letter.

6-9: Paul is surprised at how quickly the Galatians are turning from the Gospel they first learned. Even if an angel were to preach a different Gospel to what they first heard, we shouldn’t even believe them.

10: It is impossible to live to please God and please everyone else at the same time. The Gospel requires us to live for and value things the world does not value.

Question: There are many things (secondary issues) Christians can disagree over still live in unity with one another (i.e. consumption of alcohol, style of worship, etc.). However, Paul shows us the the central truths of the Gospel, that we are justified by faith in what Jesus has done for us, is not something legitimate Christians can disagree over. Why do you think Paul is so adamant about that?

Question: If following Jesus leads us to care for and love others better, why would Paul say that we cannot please both God and people?


11-12: Paul is referring to his conversion on Damascus road (Acts 9). As an apostle, he was commissioned directly from Jesus (like Jesus’ disciples).

13-14: Before his conversion, Paul was a violent oppressor to Christians and the Church.

15-16: Paul is emphasizing it was God who saved him by his grace, not by anything Paul had done to deserve it.

Question: How does the fact that God saved and used Paul, despite his history, encourage you?

Question: Verse 24 says that people glorified God because of how he had changed Paul. How has God changed things in your life? Take time to share your stories.


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