Galatians 6 Bible Study Guide

Galatians 6


1: It is the job of believers to help bring back other believers who have fallen.

2-3: Following Jesus’ example, we are to bear one another’s burdens. But when we think too highly of ourselves (v. 3) chances are that won’t happen.

4-5: When comparing ourselves to each other, it is easy to try and think of ourselves as better than we are, but before God everyone will be held accountable.

Question: Gently restoring someone who has committed a “big” sin or keeps repeating a particular sin is hard. It can require a lot of patience, grace, and love. Why can this be so hard to do even though we aren’t perfect ourselves?

Question: When was a time someone(s) forgave you when you didn’t deserve it? How did it make you feel? How did it help your relationship with that person?

Question: When we look down at others for certain things they do, it is easy to feel superior to them. When this happens, we deceive ourselves thinking we aren’t as bad as “them.” Yet before God, we are all equally as imperfect. Knowing that, why can we still be so hard on others for their sins?


6: Paul is essentially saying that the church should support those who lead it.

7-8: God knows our hearts, and regardless of how we “compare” to others, we will reap what we so. Whether we sow from the flesh (our selfish desires) or the Spirit.

9-10: It can be hard to love, forgive, and support others. Yet we should not give up on doing these things, especially towards fellow believers.

Question: What can cause us to become “weary of doing good?” What can we do to fight against that?

Question: At times, it can be easier to love and care for unbelievers than believers. Either because we want unbelievers to experience who Jesus is, or because we think Christians should “know better.” Is it harder for you to love non-Christians or Christians? Why?


11: The letter up until this point was probably being dictated by a scribe.

12-13: Paul is saying the Galatians who are telling other Christians they must be circumcised are doing so because they religious leaders want to look good, and that they themselves don’t even perfectly uphold the law.

14-16: There is nothing for Christians to boast in except for what Jesus has done, because it is only because of Jesus that we have been saved. Which is why circumcision nor uncircumcision counts for anything; the law doesn’t save you.

Question: Paul writes this letter to combat the idea that anything in the law can save you. And that those trying to force the law upon Christian’s only do so, to make the cross less offensive. What is so offensive about the “cross?”

Question: A key theme in Galatians is the idea that the cross is offensive because we cannot save ourselves. How has Galatians encouraged you?


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