It’s Time for New Glasses

A couple of weeks ago, one of the legs of my glasses broke off. To my surprise, I can still wear them pretty comfortably as long as I am sitting or not moving very much. But if I am walking around or going up or down the stairs they will fall right off.

Now this isn’t too big of a deal since I only wear them occasionally at night or in the morning when I’m not using my contacts, but it is a nuisance nonetheless.

My wife even tried to super glue the broken leg back on to the frame, but it didn’t work. Since I don’t wear them often, it isn’t worth it at the moment to get a new pair. Although a new pair of hipster glasses would probably win me some cool points.

And this is how we so often and so easily live. We hold on to certain relationships or things in our past that we need to let go or replace. Life happens and seasons change, and wishing you were in the “good old days” will do nothing to get you where you want to go.


Christina and I having just graduated from college a few months ago are definitely in a period of transition. It is in these times that we must be intentional about how things are going to look for us in this time of our life.

Or it could be a past hurt or a sin struggle that we are not addressing. And we keep thinking it’s going to be ok and get better on its own. That is until the next time we have to go down some stairs and your glasses fly off again.

However, it is going to cost you something. Buying a new pair of glasses would cost me, but then I could wear them whenever I wanted no matter what I was doing. Whatever it may be in your life, addressing problems and having to fix them or move on always comes at some sort of cost. The problem is when we only focus on that cost or what needs to be done, and not all of the benefits that will come with it.

It usually isn’t fun, but addressing our “broken legs” needs to be done from time to time in order for us to be most effective going forward.

What “glasses” do you need to replace?


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