Jamaica Trip and a Kitten

Last week my wife and I spent our 3 year wedding anniversary at a resort in Jamaica. We had a great time, and even as someone who likes to do things rather than sit around and relax, it was really good to take a break from life and not do much of anything at all.

And as exciting as that was, the day we got back we decided to get a kitten! Now I may like cats slightly more than your average man so I may be a little too happy about this. But how could you not love something like this:

Below are some pictures from our time in Jamaica.

Breakfast on our balcony.

10001579_2157873792030_7718879756400102760_nCoconut water was pretty gross.10423717_2157896872607_5789283770527570773_nThe pool outside our room at night.1510658_2157884032286_6411310572033571842_nLots of cool views like this one. This was with a cruise ship in the background.10245368_2157910152939_1044569512413620707_nPlayed some volleyball.10325603_2157900192690_6747400211591780140_nThe best restaurant at the resort. This guy was awesome.10398072_2157910952959_8463391728968944300_nBefore dinner on our anniversary.10435836_2157905192815_2890369775134059335_nAnd of course one final picture the kitty.


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