New City Church Update

NCC_logo_color_logoLots of exciting things to share today!

We have picked a logo! A big thanks to everyone who voted and gave their feedback a few weeks back. This is the logo for New City Church!

Check out our social media accounts for New City Church (and follow/like us as well!).

Twitter: @NewCityRDU
Facebook: NewCityRDU
Instagram: @NewCityRDU

Our website is also live. Check it out by clicking here.

Also, we are having our very first interest meeting Tuesday, February 23rd, at 7 PM. It will be hosted at Lifepointe Church located on 9500 Durant Road in Raleigh. It will last about an hour, and we will be providing free childcare for kids 5th grade and younger.

At the meeting will we be sharing a little bit more about the vision and plan for New City Church, as well as ways you can be involved and kept up to date throughout this process. Everyone is welcome to attend. Even if you are part of a local church community and just want to support, it would mean a lot for you to attend as having you there would create more energy and momentum in the room.

For those who are supporting us financially, you will notice that my online giving “name” has changed. You can still give the through this link, the exact same way you did before. However the “Giving Reference” has changed to “New City Church – Dodson.”

In February I begin my fund raising intensive through Stadia (the church planting network we are partnering with). This is where we will set a target goal for how much we need to raise to get New City Church ready to go, receive training and coaching for what’s ahead, and begin to raise the necessary funds. I’m excited for this next step but also pretty intimidated about it as well (if I’m being honest).

Lastly, we are starting a group to meet together to study the Bible and begin the journey for what’s ahead. It’s starting this coming Tuesday (Feb. 2nd) at 7 PM. If you are interested in coming or want to know more about it, please let me know!


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