One of the Most Convicting Prayers You Can Ever Pray

kozzi-praying-people-at-the-church-1774-x-1183If you are a follower of Jesus then you have people in your life that you also hope would one day follow Jesus. This isn’t because we want to have some big power trip or to take pride in converting someone to think and believe like us though.

It’s simply because we believe Jesus provides the one and only way to salvation, and that knowing Christ is more fulfilling than anything else this life can offer.

So what is one of the best things you can do for the people in your life that you desire to meet Jesus? Specifically pray for them. Pray that God would work in their life and that he would use you in whatever way possible.

A few years back I had a thought that deeply challenged and convicted me while praying for some people I knew did not know Christ. It was this:

Would I pray for others to be walking with Jesus the way I am walking with Jesus?

While praying for others is essential, it can also be the easy way out if that is all we are doing. But what about you? Are you actively living out what it means to follow Jesus?

This is not about perfection, but if there are things going on in your life that you know should be different but are doing nothing about it, it is surely affecting your own relationship with Christ. Believers are called to diligently seek Christ, which often means fighting against our selfish desires.

This means that following Jesus is not a one time decision, but instead a lifetime of growing “in God.” With that in mind, is the way you are currently walking with Jesus the way you would want others to walk with him?

Are you and I doing the things necessary to grow in our relationship with Christ the way we want others to grow in their relationship with Christ? This should challenge all of us.

Would I pray for others to be walking with Jesus the way I am walking with Jesus? This is easily one of the most convicting prayers any of us could pray.


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