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2 Easy Ways to Build Stronger Relationships

We all want good friends. Regardless of how extroverted or introverted you are, all of us desire at least a few relationships that are meaningful. People we can relax with, share our lives with, and that can help us through life when it gets hard. But here is what we...

One Aspect Of Your Health You May Be Overlooking

  When it comes to our health and being a healthy person, the first thing your probably think about is physical health. Eating right, being in shape, exercising, etc. Maybe you take it a step further and realize that a healthy lifestyle also encompasses our mental and...

The Most Practical Way to Honor God With Your Money

What does it look like to honor God with your money? Especially when we read passages in the Bible that we aren't sure exactly what they mean for us? For example, Luke 12:33, Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Make money-bags for...

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Dylan Dodson is the lead pastor of New City Church. He loves to teach people about Jesus, write, and is the host of the Faith and Life Podcast.

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One of my passions is helping people connect with Jesus and grow in a relationship with him. So on this site you’ll find posts designed to help you on your faith journey. Whether you have questions about Christianity, wonder how your faith impacts your everyday life, or are interested in what the Bible teaches, I hope you’ll find this site helpful in some way.

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