The 86 in 6 Campaign

3It’s been such a privilege to begin planning and preparing for the launch of New City Church. It’s been exciting to see those who have already jumped in wanting to be a part, as well as meeting with and talking to others about what we are doing.

As you probably know, there’s a lot that goes into starting a church, and the financial aspect is a big part of it. There’s simply a lot of up front costs that have to be taken care to get things off the ground. Things like all of the necessary start up equipment, advertising, staffing, etc.

And not only are we planting a church, but our desire is so much larger than New City itself. The vision of New City is huge. Our vision is to start a church planting movement so that we can be actively reaching 50,000 by the year 2040 through New City and the churches we plant. We want 50,000 people to hear and experience the love of Jesus in a local church community.

But we can’t do any of that apart from the help of people like you who can make this dream a reality.

So we are starting our 86 in 6 campaign of raising $86,000 in 6 months (by October).

How to Create God Stories


Everyone loves a good story. Our favorite movies tell good stories. Many of our favorite memories create good stories to tell.

We often judge the fullness of someone’s life based on the stories in their life. Maybe they fought in a war, took a risk to chase a dream and achieved it, have memories to share of things they did with their spouse and family.

These are the things we share at funerals. We share stories of experiences we had with him or her.

We all want to be a part of a good story.

Thoughts On The Road Ahead


Last night was our first interest meeting for New City Church. 37 of us gathered together to learn a little bit more about the vision, mission, and plans that we have. I am truly thankful for everyone who took the time to come out.

In some ways, it felt a bit surreal, we are finally doing this. Years of dreaming, praying, and preparing, and we are now starting on the journey of planting a church.

First New City Church Interest Meeting


I wanted to invite you to a very special and exciting step in the life of New City Church.

For those that follow along on my blog, you know that we are in the beginning stages of planting New City Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

When is it?

As we begin this process, we are hosting are very first interest meeting for New City Church on Tuesday night,February 23rd, at 7 PM.

Who should come?

How Finley Reminds Me of the Christian Life


Apparently when babies learn to crawl, they start by scooting backwards rather than forwards. I am learning this as our daughter Finley is getting to this stage. So when she is reaching for a toy just out of reach, as she tries to move towards it she actually gets further away.

So goes the life of a baby. Every time they learn new things, it comes through struggle and frustration. I remember when she was learning to put a pacifier in her mouth all by herself; she couldn’t just place it right in her mouth. Instead she would rub it all around the area of her mouth until she got it in. Of course that was only half the battle, as once she got it in she didn’t know how to release her hand from it so when she moved her hand the paci popped out of her mouth, and thus the battle continued.

New City Church Update

NCC_logo_color_logoLots of exciting things to share today!

We have picked a logo! A big thanks to everyone who voted and gave their feedback a few weeks back. This is the logo for New City Church!

Check out our social media accounts for New City Church (and follow/like us as well!).

Twitter: @NewCityRDU
Facebook: NewCityRDU
Instagram: @NewCityRDU

Our website is also live. Check it out by clicking here.

Also, we are having our very first interest meeting Tuesday, February 23rd, at 7 PM. It will be hosted at Lifepointe Church located on 9500 Durant Road in Raleigh. It will last about an hour, and we will be providing free childcare for kids 5th grade and younger.

At the meeting will we be sharing a little bit more about the vision and plan for New City Church, as well as ways you can be involved and kept up to date throughout this process. Everyone is welcome to attend. Even if you are part of a local church community and just want to support, it would mean a lot for you to attend as having you there would create more energy and momentum in the room.

For those who are supporting us financially, you will notice that my online giving “name” has changed. You can still give the through this link, the exact same way you did before. However the “Giving Reference” has changed to “New City Church – Dodson.”

In February I begin my fund raising intensive through Stadia (the church planting network we are partnering with). This is where we will set a target goal for how much we need to raise to get New City Church ready to go, receive training and coaching for what’s ahead, and begin to raise the necessary funds. I’m excited for this next step but also pretty intimidated about it as well (if I’m being honest).

Lastly, we are starting a group to meet together to study the Bible and begin the journey for what’s ahead. It’s starting this coming Tuesday (Feb. 2nd) at 7 PM. If you are interested in coming or want to know more about it, please let me know!

Why Jesus Said Many People Won’t Find Life


As I have shared in the past, Christina and I operate off of a really tight budget. This means we have to say “no” to certain things and be very intentional about how we spend how money. It can be hard and discouraging at times. If I am being honest, sometimes I wonder if I’m missing out on certain things.

However in the end, much more comes out of having the budget than bad. We don’t argue about money, we have savings when things go wrong and don’t have to stress about it, and we can go on vacations without wondering how we are going to pay for it.

Budgeting isn’t always fun, but it’s worth it. Like most things in life worth accomplishing, it’s hard in the moment but more than worth it in the end.

Why We Should Plant More Churches


“We don’t need more churches, we just need to fix the ones we already have.”

That’s the mindset some have regarding starting new churches. And this is a legitimate question, if you start more churches won’t that just take people from ones that are already established?

Research shows otherwise.

Why I Didn’t Buy a Lottery Ticket (And Won’t)


1.5 billion dollars, the highest Powerball lottery jackpot we’ve ever seen, has finally been won. It got a lot of publicity and because the amount kept rising, it seems almost everyone bought a ticket. Except me.

Now I want to say this isn’t to bash anyone who bought a ticket. I understand that many people at this point are doing it for fun. But if I am being honest, all of the excitement and publicity that the lottery is getting I believe is a bad thing.

Growing up I often played poker with my friends, and even if our buy-ins were always very low, that is still technically gambling. This year the fantasy football league I was in had a $60 buy-in. So am I a hypocrite for being against the lottery? In my opinion- no.