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This summer we are doing a different an exciting bible study/summer teaching series on some of the most asked questions many today have for God. Below are our topics and schedule, everything is on Tuesday nights at 7 PM. We would love to have you join us!

Questions for God

6/21 – What is God’s design for sex?

6/28 – What does God want with my money?

7/5 – Hangout night

7/12 – How does my faith intersect with my work?

7/19 – How should I handle doubts about God?

7/26 – Why does God allow so much suffering?

8/2 – Week off

8/9 – Aren’t all religions basically the same?

8/16 – Can a loving God really send people to hell?

8/23 – How would God want me to vote?

8/30 – How does God view suicide?

9/6 – If God loves me unconditionally, does it matter how I live my life?

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