Romans 6

Romans 5 ends by saying that grace through Jesus abounds all the more than sin.


1-2: Paul is building on chapter 5 and tells us that even though we receive grace through Christ, believers are not to continue living willful lives of sin. How could Christians do so anyway, since their desire should be to live of Christ?

4: Baptism symbolizes for believers the difference between our old lives and new lives in Christ. It shows our desire to leave are old way of living by coming up out of the water raised from the dead into new life.

Question: How is living a life of willful disobedience to God through sin incompatible with the Christian life?


11: Just like Jesus died our sin to forgive all who trust in Him, we also must “die to ourselves” and live lives honoring to Christ. Being dead to sin means that our lives are not ruled by our sin.

Even as Christians we all still sin. However followers of Jesus should live lives desiring to honor God. Not because we think we will earn something (Jesus already gave us the free gift of salvation) but because we genuinely love Him. Therefore believers are not to be driven by selfish and sinful desires, but by loving God.

Question: Why does Paul put such an emphasis on believers living such different lives before/after entering into a Relationship with Christ? How have you experienced this difference play out in your life?


16: It is simply untrue to think that those who believe in God are somehow incapable of living a full and “free” life. In fact we see quite the opposite. Everyone is a “slave” to something. Either we follow God or we follow other addictions, a pursuit of some sort of happiness, sex., etc.

17-20: Believers are able to turn from being slaves of sin and are set free from its deathly grip. Since we were created by God to be in relationship with Him, it is only those who follow Him that are able to experience true joy in life, even amidst difficult circumstances.

19: I am speaking in human terms. Paul is explaining that the analogy to being slaves to righteousness is an imperfect illustration, but shows the importance of believers giving themselves fully to God.

23: Sin leads to death, both physically and spiritually, but the free gift of God is eternal life. True freedom only comes as a people free from sin, not as a slave to it.

Question: Just as even non-believers worship something (or things), no non-believer is truly free. Sin enslaves people more than they realize (look at addictions for example). Why is being a slave of righteousness a good thing and something to be desired? If God created us to be in relationship with Him, nothing in life could be more satisfying than living for Him. Why do we then so easily fall into the trap of living for ourselves? 

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