So You’re Telling me Having Kids is a Bad Idea?

The following is a guest post by my wife Christina Dodson.

5632Our society has such a negative view of parenting these days. The media and everything else tells us that children are time, energy, and life suckers. That children put you in bondage, take away your freedom, and forbid you from all fun.

But I refuse to believe that lie. I believe, that children are a blessing from the Lord. The majority of the time, whenever Dylan and I talk about wanting kids in the near(ish) future we get such negative responses.

“That’s crazy, why would you want to do that?” Cause actually wanting and planning to have babies is just outright crazy.

In a repulsed voice, “Not me. I do NOT want kids anytime soon!” Thanks for being so disgusted at our future ambitions, really sweet of you.

Or my all time favorite- “Don’t have a baby yet, it’ll change everything.” Really?! I had no idea! Thanks captain obvious!

I realize I speak from total ignorance here because I am not a parent yet and maybe I will retract every bit of this after I finally do get there, but I hope not. Will children change everything? Of course they will. Will there be days it’s unbearably difficult? I don’t doubt it. But will the sweet moments, the love, the legacy make every difficult thing fade in compassion? I think so.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and sacrifice. Everything you have becomes theirs and from the second they are conceived, their needs instantly come before yours. And I think that’s why our society hates the idea of having kids. We hate sacrifice, we hate responsibility, we hate being selfless. We are a selfish, noncommittal, lazy generation and that’s just sad.

Since when did responsibility become a bad thing? Some of the best things and most rewarding things in life come with great responsibility, hard-work, and sacrifice. The ironic part is, we all want to do something great with our lives. But that’s impossible if you shy away from responsibility and sacrifice. If you aren’t willing to take on great responsibility, you won’t do great things.

I am so grateful that my Mom didn’t shy away from the responsibility and weight of motherhood. I am so glad she didn’t chose convenience and luxury over the sacrifice and dedication of being a Mom. I am so thankful she put my needs before her, invested in me, taught me, played with me, loved me, and prayed for me. Thankful that for 24 (cause it doesn’t really stop at 18) years she has worked herself tired mothering me and nurturing me.

And I am also so thankful my mother-in-love didn’t run away from motherhood. I am so grateful that she embraced motherhood and raised three God-loving, courageous, bright, young men. And in a world where good men really are scarce, society literally is a better place because she chose to be a parent.  And coming from someone who married her son, I know she did something great.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms! Thank you for saying yes to raising children. Thank you for your sacrifice, your love, your constant encouragement. You aren’t crazy for having children (you might have lost your sanity after having us, sorry about that). You did something great, and I appreciate you.

Children were God’s idea. And it was a good one. So what are you waiting for? Go make babies. Just kidding, kind of.


*I am not advocating that everyone should have children OR that God commands everyone to have children. Just commenting on the negative view and misconception our society has about the responsibility of parenting.


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