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What do you do when someone posts something online of one of your kids that you don’t like? Do you ask them to take it down? Just untag yourself from it and hope no one really sees it? Do nothing and hope it doesn’t happen again?

Maybe you’re afraid if you say something it will cause tension between you and the person who posted it? What if it’s your spouse who posts something you aren’t comfortable with? Yet they think it is perfectly fine.

More than ever, I think it is important to have a social media policy in place concerning what you will and will not allow to be posted online.

It only takes a few minutes to prevent these things from happening. Simply make a list of what is or is not allowed, and then share it will family, friends, and/or babysitters so that everyone knows your expectations. We can’t really be upset with someone who does something they didn’t know they weren’t supposed to do.

Having something in place can prevent a lot of unwanted posting/sharing of your kids, and it also makes it easier when you have to have a conversation with someone about something that was shared.

Below are some of our guidelines and what we have said when it comes to what we won’t allow to be shared online about our daughter Finley.

We want to be fair to Finley as she grows up that there isn’t anything online of her that is either inappropriate, or would embarrass her. Just as we don’t want embarrassing things of us posted online, it isn’t fair to do that to her, even if we think it is funny because she is so young.

Here is what we ask regarding Finley:

  • No posted pictures of Finley in the bath and/or naked. Even if her private parts are covered up. As well as pictures of her butt/backside. I know some people post these, but we ask that you don’t. We also ask for you to not even take pictures of these things on your phone.
  • No posting pictures/videos of her crying/upset/throwing a tantrum. Yes these can be funny, but we don’t think it is fair to her that the whole world gets to see when she is upset. Just like we wouldn’t want people posting these things of us.
  • If you aren’t sure we would want you posting something about Finley, it is better to not post it without asking Christina or I first.
  • If you wouldn’t a similar picture/video posted about you, please don’t post it.

Wherever your convictions lie when it comes to what you are ok with having posted about your kids, it’s important that those that spend time with them the most know them. It doesn’t have to be a long list, just something that you can easily share with others.

It will save you from a lot of issues both now and down the road.

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