The 10 Least Popular Books of the Bible

Jeffrey Kantz at recently released the 10 least popular books of the Bible based on the results of the least read/searched books of the Bible on This doesn’t necessarily make them the least popular in terms of liked/disliked, but is still interesting to see the least looked up/read books of the Bible.

Overall I can’t say I’m too surprised by the results. I would expect the shorter books of the Bible to make up most of the list, particularly ones found in the Old Testament. One, because there are less scripture passages people may be looking up in them, and two, because the many of the prophetic books in the Old Testament take more work to understand in terms of context and what exactly is going on in the book.

That being said, I was surprised that Jonah made the list. The list is ordered from the 10th least popular (being Jonah) to the least popular.

Infographic: least popular books of the Bible


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