Thanks to everyone who has spent time reading any of my posts. My prayer is that you have found them helpful in some way. Below are my most read posts of the past year.

10) The Sexually Atheist Christian

It is one thing to struggle in the area of sexual purity, it is another thing altogether to regard it as unimportant.

9) Can You be Like Jesus if You Don’t Read Your Bible?

Many people have an opinion of what Jesus was like and what it means to live like him. But many miss one major thing that Jesus did a lot of.

8) Telling Your Money Where To Go: How To Budget

A follow up to the post on how to save thousands of dollars, this gets into the practical details of how to actually do it. It’s also easy to follow and implement!

7) Doing Exactly What I Know I Shouldn’t

My struggle with doing the exact thing I know I shouldn’t be.

6) The Loss of a Friend; A Hope for the Grieving

This year a childhood friend of mine passed away by taking their own life. Here are some words for those in pain for any reason at all.

5) How to Save Thousands of Dollars a Year

What if I told you that there was a way you could save thousands of dollars this year, and the chances are that you aren’t doing it? Best of all, I’m being completely serious!

4) My Weekend With Finley as Told by Twitter

One weekend earlier this year it was just me and Finley for the first time. I documented the whole experience on Twitter. Certainly my funniest post of the year!

3) I Would Be a Better Person if I Wasn’t Married

Marriage exposes a lot about you, many things of which you can hide from everyone else but your spouse. So much so that I have occasionally thought I would be a better person if I weren’t married. But is that really true?

2) Can a Christian Suffer From Depression: My Story

This is actually a post from 2014, but continues to resonate with many people. It’s my story of dealing with depression and what I learned from it.

1) We’re Taking Our Next Big Step

This fall I began my church planting residency. Here is where I shared what I would be doing and how you can be a part.

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