The Pro-Choice Anthem: It Was Right For Me and No One Else

ultrasound3You may or may not have seen or heard about the abortion video/story of Emily Letts. Letts documents her abortion procedure and comments on how she feels no remorse or guilt even a month after she went through the procedure.

Now what I am not doing here is trying to condemn her or any woman who has had an abortion (or the men that encourage and/or demand them to have an abortion). Statistics now say that between one in three or one in four women in the United States will have an abortion by the time they are 45.

What I find most disgusting and insulting about this video however is how eerily similar it is portrayed as a labor delivery. With family nearby, holding her hand, and some of the comments she makes:

“I feel supported by everyone.”

“I’m a lucky girl.”

“I am strong.”

And I feel so terribly sad. Letts states that she feels “in awe of the fact that I can make a baby” and that “I can make a life.” And while she does recognize that it is a baby, she then states that she knew what she did (ended this baby’s life) was “right.”

Why was it right?

She ends by answering this question. “Because it was right for me and no one else.”

How true a statement that was.

And why should any of us be surprised? When we live in a culture where no one should tell us how we should live. Where good and evil are defined simply by individual choice. When personal preference, particularly when it comes to sex, is viewed as the highest good; this is what happens.

Babies are murdered in the name of “what’s best for me and no one else.” A few months ago a giraffe in a zoo in Denmark was put down and it caused an outrage ensued by many around the globe. And yet, we legally allow, and many celebrate, consciously murdering the life of an innocent human being in the name of “what’s best for me.”

And while we lament the tragedy of abortion, we must lean into the love and grace of God. Who through Jesus Christ “gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed” (Titus 2:14) and who is faithful to forgive all sin if we confess them to Him. God’s grace is not beyond the reach of Emily Letts or any of us. But let us not forget Emily’s closing remarks on her abortion, the anthem of the pro-choice movement:

“It was right for me and no one else.” Not the over one million babies legally killed per year in the United States alone.


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One thought on “The Pro-Choice Anthem: It Was Right For Me and No One Else

  1. Thank you for expressing what so many of us are thinking. I could not watch the entire video because we meet with girls like Ms Letts every week. they are blinded by their own “wants” ….no discussion…no debating…no real crisis for them. they want an ultrasound so they will know how much an abortion will cost..they are charged by the size of the baby like a butcher charges by the pound. We celebrate life minded girls but we have come to celebrate those who struggle only because they have come to the realization of the life within them. They want absolution by saying “it isn’t the right time for me”….they search our eyes for validation which we can not give….they would rather ask God for forgiveness for killing their baby than deal with their parents disappointment at becoming pregnant. They have played out the arguments for abortion and challenge us to prove them wrong. Fighting for those unseen by this world is not for the faint of heart but when a girl chooses life…..aaaahhhh heaven and our little piece of the earth celebrates for those mothers have fought the fight….defeated evil…..and God smiles that another made in His image will have a chance at life.