Why Caring Less About Duke Made Me Happier They Won

It’s no secret I’m a huge sports fan, and of all my favorite teams, Duke basketball comes out on top. I’ve watched them since I was as young as I can remember because my dad liked him. I remember asking him one time why he liked Duke since he grew up in Florida. “Because when we moved [to North Carolina] everyone had a team and Duke was always good and no one likes to root for bad teams” he said.

Therefore Duke was the team that was on, and the team I grew up watching. I even remember crying after Duke lost to UNC by one point in 1996 (I just had to look up the year!) when I was only five and half years old. To which my parents had to remind me that it would be ok and that I didn’t need to cry over Duke losing (now they really did say it a lot sweeter than that, I just don’t exactly remember how they said it!). I haven’t cried over them losing since.

As everyone knows, Duke just won the 2015 National Championship (!!!), and of course I am ecstatic. Even more so than I was in 2010 when they last won it all. I think largely due to the fact that since I am a little bit older, I understand a bit better how rare a championship is, especially in college basketball when there are so many teams. And yet there is another reason as to why I am enjoying this championship a bit more.

Back when Duke won in 2010 I had a quite a large empty feeling. Empty because I was so surprised by how short my happiness over them winning lasted. After two days I was already thinking, “well that was great, now what?”

This is the reason why: because I had unknowingly made sports, and Duke basketball specifically, a bigger part of my life than it should have been. And it left me unfulfilled.

Now hear me out, there is nothing wrong with enjoying things in this life. God gives us the ability to do so and I believe finds joy in us enjoying things in His creation. And I really don’t have many hobbies, so watching Duke basketball could possibly be considered that.

But when we give anything in our life greater significance than it deserves, it will always leave us unfulfilled. Always.

And you know this. We have all had things we thought would satisfy us longer than it did. That car, relationship, job, etc. We are always wanting more.

We can only be truly fulfilled by pursuing the main thing we were created for. God himself.

This is why I am enjoying this Duke championship more. It’s because I have never forgot how I felt back in 2010, and I have never given Duke basketball that same level of significance in my life. It’s great, but it’s not everything.

Only Jesus is everything, and only God can be everything. He is the only one who will not and cannot leave you unfulfilled.

Oh, and knowing how much this win angers Carolina fans is pretty fun too!


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