“We don’t need more churches, we just need to fix the ones we already have.”

That’s the mindset some have regarding starting new churches. And this is a legitimate question, if you start more churches won’t that just take people from ones that are already established?

Research shows otherwise.


Brandon Cox writes:

The reality is that while 43% of people who start attending a new church plant were previously part of another church, a whopping 42% weren’t. They either have no church background, or haven’t been in years. On the whole, most established, traditional churches don’t engage nearly as many truly unchurched people. In fact, they are often designed to appeal to the already reached!

Ed Stetzer, leader of the study, says “In winning new converts to Christ, church plants are light-years ahead of the average church because of their focus on reaching the unchurched.”

We need to stop propagating the myth that new churches merely compete with existing churches to reach the same pool of people. The reality is that planting new churches is the single greatest way to reach any culture far from God, even in a seemingly church-saturated America.

That’s why we have set out to plant a church to begin with. This is how my dream of reaching 50,000 people in 25 years can be achieved; through planting churches.

The local church is God’s plan A for reaching people and creating communities where they can learn and grow in their faith. Because of this, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised after all by what the research shows.

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