prayingAs someone who is pretty open with my faith and who tries to live a life that honors God, I hear from time to time that I’m “pretty religious.” Basically that I take my faith seriously. And since I normally only hear this from people who wouldn’t consider themselves that religious, if at all, what they are also saying is that God is more important to me than he is to them.

But there is one problem with this statement; it isn’t true. There reality is this: I’m not more religious than anyone.

What I should probably respond with is this: you are just as religious as me.

The reality is that we all worship something or things. We all, everyone one of us, pursue things we think will bring us happiness, joy, and satisfaction. Whether it is vacations or hobbies or money or respect; everyone has something they think will fulfill them.

The only difference for me and other people of faith (whatever their faith may be) is that they put their faith above other things. As a Christian, how I act and the things I say (hopefully) show that Jesus is above everything else in my life.

So when someone says “your pretty religious” the reality is so are they (and so are you). The only question is towards what?

What is it that you think is most worth living for? Now regardless of how you answer that the truth is almost anything you can say won’t be enough for you. And here is the thing; you already know that.

New things are only good for awhile until we want newer things. Vacations only last so long, the pursuit of power can drive anyone crazy (read any history book), everything in this world is temporary.

The truth is, we all have the same “God capacity.” That is, everyone is created with the desire to pursue something, the question then is not if we worship but what we worship.

My goal here isn’t to make this super spiritual, but the reality is this:

1) Temporary things can only temporarily satisfy

2) Everything in this world is temporary


3) Nothing in this world can satisfy

So yes, I am religious, and since God created us all to be worshippers, so are you. I just worship an eternal God who doesn’t change and doesn’t fail, even when I do. So I put my hope and happiness in Christ; my “religiosity” is directed toward Jesus.

The only difference between me and those who say I’m religious is that I know what or who it is I worship. Do you?

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